Research Interests

BL Add 47967 f48v BoethiusOld English and The History of English 

The development of written English and changes to the spelling system. Etymology and the origins of words. The development and use of punctuation, abbreviation and capital letters in Old English.


BL Royal 1EV f171
Medieval History

Specialising in the Anglo-Saxon period (c.500-1066) with focus on local history and land ownership; the history of education; and on scribes, manuscripts, and language during the period.


BL Harley 916 f1 Aquinas

The production and copying of Anglo-Saxon manuscripts with focus on charters and legal documents. Scribal culture and the Anglo-Saxon scriptorium. Training, language learning and the Anglo-Saxon classroom.



General linguistics with a particular interest in historical language studies and the history of the study of linguistics, from the Classical to the Early-Modern period.


DB Cheshire

The origin, meaning and development of British place-names, and what they tell us about early settlement, local history, and the Anglo-Saxon relationship with the landscape.


Images used and adapted with thanks from the British Library and (Public Domain and Creative Commons BY-SA licence)