Academic Background

Kate at the University of Leeds

Academic Background

I have a BA in English Language and Linguistics and an MA in Historical Language Studies from the University of Sheffield.

I have a PhD in Medieval Studies from the Institute for Medieval Studies at the University of Leeds. It was funded by the AHRC as part of The Production and Use of English Manuscripts, 1060-1220 joint project between the Universities of Leeds and Leicester. Read a brief and painless summary of my thesis.

Academic Publications

‘The Treatment of Charter Bounds by the Worcester Cartulary Scribes’, New Medieval Literatures, 13 (2011), pp. 113-37.

Looking at how one scribe copied an Anglo-Saxon charter from eleventh-century Worcester, concentrating on the descriptions of the landscape, and defending the scribe against scholarly claims of carelessness. I was tempted to – but ultimately didn’t – quote Dem Bones as an analogy for how charter bounds work. If you ever ask me about them, I will definitely quote/sing it at you.

‘Charters and Cartularies: 1060-1220’, The Production and Use of English Manuscripts: 1060-1220, ed. by Takako Kato, Mary Swan and Elaine Treharne (Leicester, School of English University of Leicester, 2010), ISBN095323195x, version 1.0

A brief introduction to charters and charter manuscripts in the late-Anglo-Saxon period (eleventh and twelfth centuries, in the period of transition after the Norman Conquest). I briefly explore some potential avenues of research, and try to promote their study as they’re often neglected.