Researcher. Writer. Consultant.

The History of English, Old English, Anglo-Saxon Manuscripts.

Senior Editor at History Today, and a post-doctoral researcher at Universidad del País Vasco on the Languages of Early Medieval Charters project, focusing on Old English in Anglo-Saxon charters.

My background is in Linguistics and my PhD research was on Old English and Anglo-Saxon manuscripts. I specialise in linguistics, medieval history, place-names, and the history of education, the book and the printed word.

I am interested in making research and academic topics exciting, accessible and fun for any audience. Often with capital letters. Always with enthusiasm.

I write on medieval history and the history of English for online and print magazines and newspapers.

Writing agent: Louise Lamont at LBA Books.

I am currently the historical language consultant for the History Channel/MGM drama, Vikings, and have provided expert advice for history books, radio, and comedy shows.